Avantcab / Covid-19

With regard to the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, AVANTCAB is firmly committed to following the cleaning and disinfection standards and action protocols recommended in the guidelines published by the World Health Organisation to guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for all our passengers


  • Drivers will have their temperature taken every day before they start work. If drivers show any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be quarantined.
  • Drivers will wear gloves and face masks when welcoming passengers and during the journey. The masks will be replaced by new ones at the end of each service.
  • Drivers will clean their hands with disinfectant gel before picking up passengers and after the service is completed, avoiding touching their eyes, nose and mouth at all times.
  • After each journey, drivers will disinfect all areas that have been in contact with passengers, paying special attention to frequently touched surfaces in vehicle such as doors, handles, armrests, seat belts, and any other surfaces susceptible to passenger contact.
  • Drivers will offer disinfectant gel to passengers before starting the service and whenever they request it.
  • Drivers will respect social distancing at all times, not shaking hands with passengers or any other person at the pick up or drop off.
  • Drivers will only help customers with luggage if the customers give their consent, maintaining social distancing and using disposable gloves or disinfectant gel before and after any contact with passengers.
  • Drivers will provide passengers with their personal telephone number to ensure that both parties can take preventative measures as soon as possible if there are any signs of contamination after the service is completed.
  • Drivers will ensure appropriate ventilation by opening windows, regularly replacing air filters, and ensuring the flow of fresh air at all times


  • At the start and end of the working day, vehicles will be disinfected using ozone generators and all their parts will also be thoroughly cleaned with bleach and alcohol.
  • All vehicles will have vinyl gloves and antibacterial gel available on request by passengers.
  • Vehicles will also be disinfected before and after each service as described in the «Drivers» section.


  • Due to government restrictions, all passengers must wear face masks during the journey.
  • Passengers must respect social distancing recommendations at all times.
  • Passengers must provide a phone number to the driver or Avantcab to ensure that both parties can take action as soon as possible if any passenger begins to show symptoms of infection after the service is completed

We greatly appreciate your trust in our company and are entirely at your disposal if you have any questions.


Occupational Risk Prevention Service